Umoja enables on-chain FX at below market rates to localize DeFi.

Low-cost FX across Africa.

Low FX Fees

Umoja's FX AMM charges only 0.3%, which is re-distributed to liquidity providers that help mint synthetic fiat tokens (i.e., "uTokens").

Pan-Africa Support

Umoja is one of the first protocols ever to support African fiat currencies on-chain, initially including KES, NGN, and TZS to finally bring DeFi to the continent.

150% Collateralization

All uTokens are over-collateralized by 150% using stablecoins such as USDC to ensure that overlying value is always protected.

Swap Currencies at a fraction of the cost.

Swapping currencies via SynFX, Umoja's FX tool, can reduce currency conversion costs from 60% to 80% in contrast to the traditional market.

Monetize idle stablecoins & empower new markets.

Liquidity providers may provide stablecoins and earn transaction fees while empowering African markets to locally denominate DeFi & transact on their terms.

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